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  • @fftecmotorsports with @repostapp ・・・ Flex Fuel systems Crimping Race Hose
  • -4 size, 3/16" ID XRP ProPLUS XM High-Flex Injector Lines with jump size, Big Bore 316 Stainless Steel Ends to fit -3 Injector Nozzles. Pee Dee Fleet Motorsports' PDRA 1969 ProMod Chevrolet driven by Tylor Miller and Tuned by Mike Kopchick of Rage Fuel System
  • ProPLUS Reusable Hose Ends are now shipping! Field installable without crimping for all standard ProPLUS and ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose braids and coverings, including the new XKS Aramid with black Silicone cover. Black hose ends with full or TD (turned down) swivel nuts with aerospace profile sockets in black, gold or Super Nickel finish. Bent tube hose ends in fixed or full swivel style ProPLUS Race Hose: A highly flexible, smooth bore, PTFE hose system that is inert to all racing oils and fuels
  • @anthony_gonzales7 with @repostapp ・・・ Plumbing the vette @xrpracing @shaunscustomalloy @aacorvettesuperchargers Thanks for the great HS79 hose and Clamshell hose ends photo Anthony! Don't forget we offer the Clamshells in a Super Nickel finish as well..
  • @mamotorsports with @repostapp swapped that we recently finished up. New @fullracemotorsports manifold built downpipe, intake, and catch can. All plumbed with @xrpracing hose and fittings
  • : Thanks for the great photos! @anthony_gonzales7 with @repostapp ・・・ @xrpracing order just arrived for my corvette project! Thank you @1jumansa_700 for giving me the opportunity to build a badass corvette for you
  • @anthony_gonzales7 with @repostapp ・・・ Using @xrpracing tubing adapters on oil cooler lines for corvette. These are really nice, no flaring tool required
  • Machining true 2014-T6 Aluminum Aircraft Forgings made right here in the USA, not some Chinese or India knock off 6061 die cast facsimiles that others may try to sell you without telling you where they are really made. You know who they are
  • @emargeson with @repostapp ・・・ Saving weight and looking good all at the same time with @xrpracing ProPLUS hose and fitting combo
  • More custom specials heading to get anodized, then off to flow Nitro with the teams- Logan's rapid turnaround craftsmanship! The correct alloy and heat treated Spec 2024-T851 Aluminum .. Not the weaker 6061 like "Leaky and Drippy" use!! You know who they are

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