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Abous US
Our roots are in racing, with expertise reaching into nearly every major sanctioning body worldwide. With age comes experience and we have engineered racing solutions for the pros for more than 25 years. With headquarters in Southern California, USA, and experienced distributors all over the world, we service customers on nearly every continent. Our vision is to engineer products that not only do everything you need them to, but products so well engineered and groundbreaking that they raise the bar for everyone else in the industry.
We are committed to bringing you the most technically-advanced fluid delivery systems on the market. Reliable top quality products that perform consistently, even in the most extreme conditions. Our products are not only engineered to withstand the demands of modern racing engines but they’re also engineered with your goals in mind- We get it, racing is not just about having fun, it’s also about winning… And a win for you is a win for us.
Performance & Reliability
Top quality is not just necessary to take you to the next level, it’s also necessary to keep you safe. Products that are made from inferior materials or that lack proper research and vigorous testing will not only decrease your chances of reaching the finish-line first, they may also decrease your chances of reaching it at all. That’s why we are committed to bringing you top quality products and the performance that you can depend on, race after race.

How to Order

Ordering our parts has never been easier.

We have experienced distributors all over the globe.

Give us a call at (562) 861-4765, or send us a message through the website,
and we will get you in touch with a distributor in your area!

We Ship World-Wide
Made in USA - Raced all over the world. We have distributors globally, always ready to serve you and your racing needs.
Made in USA
The vast majority of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. and we have been instrumental in industry efforts to accurately label true “Made in U.S.A.” products. You put a lot of trust in the parts you put in your race car, and we truly believe that you deserve to know where they were made.
Personable Customer Service
We understand how important it is for you to be able to talk to an expert, a real person with real technical knowledge of our products. We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and your feedback is very valuable to us.

Custom Parts

Always at the forefront of design,
our top quality hoses,adapters, and fittings,
are the choice of racing’s premier pro teams, and sportsman racers.
Working closely with notable crew chiefs and engine builders,
we continue to develop many innovative pieces for the industry.

We are also known for the ability
to do custom fittings for many applications in a quick response time.