HS-79 Hose

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HS-79 ultra lightweight, flexible, smooth-bore PTFE hose has a 4-ply composite construction: a PTFE inner liner, Silicone outer liner, high tensile stainless steel reinforcing braid and outer braid of aramid fiber.

HS-79 hose is available with a CSM outer covering as a fifth layer for added resistance against abrasion and ease of cleaning.

Features and benefits include:

• Radial Seal Allows Hose Ends to be Adjusted for Installation After Assembly

• Crimp Collars Can be Cut and Removed to Allow End Fittings to be Reused

• Superior Flexibility

• Weight Savings

• Ease of Cleaning

• No Necked Down Restrictions

• Large Flow Capacity without the Disturbance or Boundary Layer Entrapment of Convoluted Hoses

• Inner PTFE Tube Compatible with All Engine Fluids (Gasoline, Alcohol and Nitromethane).

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HS-79 Ultra-Lite flexible smooth bore PTFE hose assemblies are truly state-of-the-art.

◆ 4-ply composite construction is at the core of HS-79’s distinctive list of advantages.


HS-79’s smooth-bore design offers:

◆ extremely high flow rates, pressure and temperature ratings (-65˚ to +400˚ F)


◆ lower pressure drop than comparable systems.


In addition, HS-79 provides:

◆ extreme flexibility and ease of installation and cleaning.

◆ Tight bend radius


◆ higher vacuum capacity are possible because HS-79 has a

◆ higher hoop strength.


Moreover, XRP’s HS-79 assemblies feature a noticeably

◆ larger inner diameter.

Look inside the fittings below and compare for yourself.


It is this generous inner diameter that gives HS-79

◆ greater flow capacity and better performance on race day.


◆ greater flow is only part of the story of optimizing fluid delivery!


The characteristics of the flow are critically important to the racer as well.

HS-79’s smooth-bore “non-convoluted” design

◆ eliminates boundary layer entrapment and flow disturbance for race day performance you can count on!


HS-79 is

◆ compatible with all racing engine fluids, including gas, alcohol, and nitromethane and


◆ can be assembled with either 37˚ JIC hose ends or aluminum quick disconnect clamshell couplings.


The ideal choice for service situations that are time sensitive, you will find our clamshell couplings shown on pages 24-25 of this catalog.

See individual listings for fittings’ sizes and angles.

For dimensional, temperature, pressure, and vacuum information, see our charts on the next page.