JLS Air Jacks- Red 60mm

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XRP is the USA distributor for the JLS Air Jacks made in the UK.

These fast acting air jacks are made in an outside diameter size of 60mm.  Targeted at the Porsche market and other vehicles where the 52 mm jacks are not quite large enough. Two of these jacks are often mounted ahead of the rear wheels on rear engine applications and a single 52 mm is then used in the front. Lightweight, reliable and economical.

Available in three lifting strokes of 195mm, 230mm and 250mm.

Maximum lifting capacity is 725 kg (1,595 lbs.) at 35 Bar (500 psi) maximum working pressure.

Comes with Red adjustment nuts.

A complete line of accessory items are also available such as air lances, inlet/outlet probes, safety stands, adapter fittings and banjos, aluminum pressure tubing, and elephant’s feet to gain higher lifting heights during service.