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XRP ProPLUS Race Hose is a lightweight, smooth bore, anti-static PTFE hose product that has specific technological advantages over other race hoses available today. The anti-static PTFE tube is chemically compatible with all known automotive racing fuels and fluids while having an upper end temperature operating range of 500F (260C). The hose tube is uniquely manufactured using a patented process that produces an external convolution groove only in the external surface of the PTFE tube wall. This external convolution groove allows for a high degree of hose flexibility and a tight bend radius while keeping a smooth internal bore surface that promotes a high volume of uninterrupted fluid flow through the PTFE tube with minimal pressure drops.

The smoother internal bore of ProPLUS Race Hose eliminates the restrictive turbulent flow and excessive pressure drop issues as well as the clean out problems that are often experienced with the fully convoluted PTFE hose products because their internal convolutions can cause flow disruptions and particle debris traps. The other conventional smooth bore PTFE hose products are often very resistive to bending and highly prone to kinking, especially in the larger bore diameters. They are also usually only offered in a heavy stainless braid cover to help support the tube as much as possible for bending assistance.

The newest “Xtreme” version for dry sump vacuum applications…. and more:

XRP ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose is a revolutionary new addition to the ProPlus Race Hose product line that sets a new level of fluid transfer technology in race hose systems today.  The engineering development of the ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose has created a lightweight race hose product specifically designed to address the increasing vacuum collapse problems that are becoming more and more common in suction hoses used in dry sump racing engines today without having to resort to running an internal support coil that can impede flow. This is accomplished by winding a high tensile, 316 stainless steel wire around and within the external helical convolutions of the ProPlus tube. This helical wound wire then provides an increased radial support (hoop strength) to the tube wall and an axial reinforcement to the web section form in the unique external convolution of the tube wall.

The increased hoop strength of the wound wire support keeps the tube round in shape under vacuum conditions and resists collapse kinking when the hose is tightly bent or flexed. ProPLUS Xtreme provides a higher vacuum and tighter bend radius capability in the  lightweight braided versions of the XM,– Black XtraTemp Monofilament and XK, -Aramid braided products over that of the standard ProPLUS Race Hose in those braid covers. This increased vacuum capability would otherwise only be capable in the heavier,  full stainless steel braided version of the standard ProPLUS Race Hose.

The helical wound wire performs much like an internal support coil, but rather on the outside of the tube, not the inside, so there is no interference to the fluid flow through the inside of the hose tube. In addition to excelling in vacuum applications, ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose is very suitable for the same pressure type of fluid transfer applications as the standard ProPLUS Race Hose.

XRP ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose is available in six I.D. sizes of .530”(-10),  .660” (-12),  .780” (-12 PLUS),  .875” (-16), 1” (-16 PLUS) and 1.280” (-20) in both the braid coverings of XM -XtraTemp Monofilament with a maximum continuous working temperature of 392F (200C) and XK – Aramid fiber, and soon, XKS with a thin Black Silicone covering over the Aramid. A full stainless steel braid version is also available but most generally the Standard ProPLUS with full stainless steel braid will be suitable for those applications unless an even tighter bend radius capability is required.

Hose operating temperature ranges from -65F (-54C) to +500F (+260C). Please note that the maximum working pressures and vacuum capabilities are affected by upper end temperature ranges. Please contact XRP, Inc. for consultation on specific applications over 400F (204C).

(See the XRP ProPLUS Race Hose specification sheet for complete sizing and performance information)

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